Vincent Purcell

UI/UX Engineer, Full Stack Designer

I'm passionate about technology and design. I specialize in the application of design and technology for social and environmental impact, and advocate for innovative uses of technology and digital fabrication.

I currently work as a designer and developer at emocha Mobile Health Inc. in Baltimore, MD where I work on a team to craft high-impact healthcare applications that are thoughtful, elegant, and delightful. I bridge the worlds of design and development, actively working as an interface designer, user researcher, media producer, and frontend developer.

My experience is broad. I'm a trained designer with a background in prograaming and interface development. Check out my work below, and contact me if you'd like to learn more.

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More About Me

Get to know me better by reading about my work. In addition to practicing as a full-stack designer, I've written about design, making and technology, taught making theory at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and have had myself and my work featured in a number of outlets.

Impact Design Hub (Contributing Editor) // What The Maker Movement Needs To Learn (Article Author, November 2015)

Open Socity Institute-Baltimore Community Fellow // Fellowship Profile (Fellowship, 2014-2016)

Warnock Foundation Baltimore Social Innovation Fellow // Fellowship Profile and Radio Interview (Fellow, Spring 2015)

GOOD Magazine Contributor // Profile

Selected Portfolio

emocha Mobile Health Inc

emocha Mobile Health, Inc.

Designing and building elegant, functional and revolutionary front-end interfaces.

emocha Mobile Health Inc. builds mobile health tools for providers and payers to improve public health outcomes and reduce the high cost of medication non-adherence.

At emocha Mobile...

PrEPme by emocha

PrEPme by emocha.

Strategic design, frontend development and mobile interface development.

Increasing access to PrEP, a once-daily pill that prevents HIV.

The emocha platform integrates patient engagement tools that coordinate care from diagnosis through treatment. emocha’s mobile applicati...

Boomspace Makerspace

Boomspace Makerspace

Founding a community-based manufacturing hub in East Baltimore teaching digital manufacturing, programming, and other 21st century digital skills.

Boomspace Makerspace was a makerspace designed for community empowerment. In McElderry Park, a neighborhood of East Baltimore b...

McElderry Park Star

McElderry Park Star

Connecting a community through communication

The McElderry Park Star is a newspaper made for and by the residents of McElderry Park in East Baltimore. The newspaper is published every two months, and is produced by a team of youth designers who are paid through advertising r...

Magazine Publication Design

IMPACT> Magazine

Concept, design and physical mockup for a magazine about social impact.

Design Concept

Newsletter Publication Design

Harvard Art Museum Newsletter Designs

Concept, design and physical mockups for two issues of the Harvard Art Museum newsletter.

Design Concept 1

Design Concept 2

Newspaper Redesign Concept

Baltimore Sun Newspaper Concept

Concept, design and physical mockup for a redesign of the Baltimore Sun Newspaper.

Design Concept

MA Social Design Thesis: BOOM!

MA Social Design Thesis: BOOM!

BOOM! unleashes the creative and entrepreneurial potential of youth in disinvested communities, exposing them to new technologies and providing the access and skills they need to break down barriers to employment.

Thesis Document